Understanding and applying leadership styles
Authors: Stephen Haunts, Pluralsight - Management
Leadership Compass
Authors: Reinie - Management
Self reflection
Authors: Dare to be inspired presentation - Management
Lean principles
Authors: Reinie - Management
How to be a great mentor
Authors: J. Alba, Pluralsight - Management
Leadership in fully remote teams
Authors: A. Douglas, That conference 2019, Pluralsight - Management
Leadership for the reluctant leader
Authors: D. Neal, That Conference, Pluralsight, 2019 - Management
How to evaluate models: Observed vs. predicted or predicted vs. observed?
Authors: G. Pineiro, S. Perelman, J.P Guerschman, J. Paruelo, 7 pages - Credit risk Finance
Improving classification performance with discretization on biomedical datasets
Authors: J. L. Lustgarten, V. Gopalakrishnan, H. Grover, S. Visweswaran - Machine Learning
Five myths about variable selection
Authors: Georg Heinze, Daniela Dunkler, Transplant international, 5 pages - Credit risk
Stress testing macro stress testing: does it live up to expectations?
Authors: C.Borio, M. Drehmann & K. Tsatsaronis, BIS, 22 pages - Finance Stress Testing
Change management
Authors: Reinie - Management
Context Creation
Authors: Hal Elrod - Personal Development
Product Vision, 10 tips
Authors: R. Schuurman - Agile
Quick value reading from closed workbook
Authors: Erlandsen data consulting - Excel
Elapsed times
Authors: Reinie - Excel
IFRS9: A silent revolution in banks’s business models
Authors: Mc Kinsey, F.maggi, A. Natale, T. Pepanides, E. Risso, G. Schröck, 9 pages - Finance
The “Four lines of defence model” for financial institutions
Authors: I.Arndorfer, A.Minot, BIS, Utrecht university, 26 pages - Finance
5 paradoxes of digital business leadership
Authors: HBR, T. Nielsen, P. Meehan - Agile
Principle for sound stress testing
Authors: Bank of England - Finance
Credit risk model for SME in the Netherlands
Authors: J.Hessel Veurink, M. Mastrogiacomo, 47 pages - Credit risk Finance
Stress-Testing in a Lucky Country
Authors: T. Huughes et D. Melser, Moody’s - Finance Stress Testing
Stress testing and “Incorrect” Signs
Authors: Moody’s analytics, 5 pages - Finance Stress Testing
A survey of discretization techniques: taxonomy and empirical analysis in supervised learning
Authors: S. Garcia, J. Luengo, J. A. Sáez, V. López, F. Herrera, IEEE Computer Society, 16 pages - Credit risk Finance
A better Beta for the H measure of classification performance
Authors: D.J Hand, C. Anagnostopolous, 12 pages - Credit risk Finance
Deposit Stress Testing
Authors: Moody’s analytics, 8 pages - Finance Stress Testing
Complying with the new supervisory guidance on Model Risk
Authors: RMA journal, Shaheen Dil, 5 pages - Finance
Survival analysis
Authors: P.D. Allison, 12 pages - Credit risk Finance
Start with Why
Authors: S. Sinek - Management
Assessing the Performance of Prediction Models
Authors: E.W.Steyberg, A.J.Vickers et al, 11 pages - Credit risk Finance
Reflections on Northern Rock
Authors: Hyun Song Shin,, 19 pages - Finance
Components of yield curve movements
Authors: R.Franlkland, E. Biffis, D. Dullaway, S. Eshun, A. Holtham, A.D. Simith, E. Varnell, T. Wilkins, 22 pages - Finance Market risk
Credit scoring with macroeconomic variables using survival analysis
Authors: T. Bellotti, J. Crook, university of Edinburgh, 28 pages - Credit risk Finance
Credit scoring with macroeconomic variables using survival analysis
Authors: Tony Bellotti, Jonathan Crook, Credit Research Centre Management School and Economics, University of Edinburgh, 19 pages - Credit risk Finance
Portfolio Stress Testing
Authors: Moody’s analytics, 6 pages - Finance Stress Testing
Corporate Credit Risk Modelling and the Macroeconomy
Authors: K. Carling, T.Jacobson, J. Lindé, K. Roszbach, 29 pages - Finance
Default rates in the loan market for SMEs: Evidence from Slovakia
Authors: J.Fidrmuc, C.Hainz, A. Malesich, the William Davidson Institute, Univeristy of Michigan, 29 pages - Credit risk Finance
The historical development of robust statistics
Authors: E. Ronchetti, 4 pages - Finance
A New Means of Presenting the Results of Logistic Regression
Authors: J. Smart, W. J. Sutherland, A. R. Watkinson, J. A. Gill, 3 pages - Credit risk Finance
The 50 best Scottish films of all time
Authors: The List, Glasgow and Edinburgh Event's Guide, 49 pages - Entertainment
Are Phillips Curves Useful for Forecasting Inflation?
Authors: A. Atkeson, L.E. Ohanian, 10 pages - Finance