Product Vision, 10 tips

Original by R. Schuurman, 2017Hamster_gagarin_linkedin
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  • The product owner is the one responsible for the success of the product
  • Have a clear and inspiring product vision
  1. Be(come) the owner of the Product Vision (PV):
    • The most successful PO are passionate about their product and PV
  2. Share your PV often, again and again
    • It is sooo important for people to know why you are doing the things you do
  3. Don’t believe your idea is the best ever
    • you develop the product for the customers and the stakeholders
  4. Develop your vision iteratively and incrementally
  5. Adapt your vision as you are learning
  6. Adapt your vision pitch based about your target audience
  7. Focus on value for customers and users, not tech
  8. Keep your vision short clear and inspiring
    • For [Target Audience]
    • Who [Statement of need and opportunity]
    • The [Product name] is [Product category]
    • That [Key benefit, reason why]
    • Unlike [primary competitive alternative, similar product]
    • Our product [Statement of primary differentiation]
  9. Make the vision fit in the company vision and strategy
  10. Validate your vision with stakeholders, the scrum team, the market