Context Creation

Original by Hal Elrod, 2017Hamster_gagarin_linkedin
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The single most important skill for you to master

Notes from Podcast

Connect, communicate and influence others There are two parts in communication:

  1. Content (the what)
  2. Context (what you are actually going to talk about)

Most people concentrate on number 1 You have to put people in the right frame of mind so they are ready to get your content ACK + ETW + ENR + WIIFT + [ETR + BVA] = Context Creation

  • ACK: Acknowledge your audience
  • ETW: Enter their world. What are they thinking, feeling? What is going on with them?
  • ENR: Enroll your audience. Make either/or question that get both groups evolved.
  • WIIFT: What’s in it for them?
  • ETR + BVA: earn the right + be vulnerable and authentic. Tell a story, talk about your struggle