Learning models

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Learning models usually have 3 main stages:

  1. Learning stage for novice
  2. Intermediate stage (grasp of fundamentals)
  3. Expert stage (Internalising principles)

Shuhari model

Japanese tea brewing rule later applied to martial arts (Akido)

  • shu: to obey: assimilate basic rule. Blind following of the rule
  • ha: to detach : move towards internalising underlying rule
  • ri: to leave: learn to transcend the rules, become a master

Dreyfus model of skill acquisition (1980)

Similar to shuhari

  • Novice: Follow the rules without question
  • Advanced/beginner: All material is equally important
  • Competent: Start to understand how individual aspect impact the overall process
  • Proficient: More holistic view of the situation, can priorities aspects
  • Expert: Intuitive grasp of underlying concepts and transcends the rules