Leadership Compass

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Your are a leader of:

  • yourself
  • your time
  • your attitude
  • your career

Positive goals

  • Create a motivated team happy to work for you
  • Guide staff to a positive outcome
  • Encourage a passion for learning
  • Mutual respect with your team even if mistakes are made
  • Embracing failures
  • Mistakes will happen and they are a great opportunity to learn

What to avoid?

  • Bad morale (slow poison that can destroy a team)
  • Team burnout. Promote a good work/life balance. Make sure crunchies do not become the norm (get more people, delay deadline)
  • High staff turnover (reputation, competition)
  • Being a know it all. You do not need to know everything. Hard to do, trust your skilled team
  • Not supporting and coaching
  • Not showing gratitude even with simple things
  • Do not be a victim of a decision, explain why


  • Communication: be clear
  • Listening: focus on what they are saying, body language
  • Appraisal: be honest
  • Conflict resolution: seek win win result in a conflict
  • Mentoring (based on relationship) and coaching (based on tasks)
  • Empathy
  • Delegating

Leaders have/are:

  • integrity
  • are accountable
  • are learners: make learning a priority, commit to your own growth development
  • inspire
  • communicate
  • lead by example
  • delegate
  • prioritize

Leadership characteristics to develop

  • Begin with the end in mind (“7 habits of effective people”)
  • Reality smothers commitment: what are your commitment killers ?

Consistency trumps commitment” –

Marc Le Blanc
  • Write down the skills relevant to you and the select the most important ones
  • Understand and define the skill
    • who excels in this skill
    • what are the boundaries of that skill
    • write down what you need to do
  • Assess your proficiency
    • write an honest self-evaluation
    • list what you need to work on
    • ask others for feedback
  • Practice the skill every way you can
  • Let your boss know you are looking for opportunity
  • Get mentored for someone who has gone through the same path
  • Teach it (makes you think critically)
  • Do not compare yourself to the greatest leaders
  • Concentrate on your strengths