Did you know that there are two main approaches to text summarisation:

  • Extractive summarisation is like highlighting text and selecting the most important sentences or phrases from the original text and concatenating them to form a summary. This is closer to taking notes.
  • Abstractive summarisation is rephrasing into fewer sentences to capture the essence of the original text.

Most of the notes on Hamster Notes are extractive summaries. Highlighting most significant text passages. Note that what is significant for one person might not be for another. A person may already be well versed on that particular topic and thus would probably highlight less items.

The notes herein are meant as a fast track to the topic and the reader is encouraged to consult the original sources to gain a deeper understanding.

A lot of content can now be generated by ChatGPT LLM like tools. As an example you can compare the extractive notes from a online course made here and the equivalent notes generated with ChatGPT only by a simple prompt command.

Social media and the internet as a whole will be and is already been flooded by such automated articles, like never before. More and more magazines are being exposed for having generated their entire content with AI, including realistic illustrations. What changes is really also the blur between reality and fabricated as it becomes more an more difficult to spot the synthetic. Then you could say it is the emergence of a new style of information. What will mater more and more will be who presents the content as the knowledge base remains the same. It is a little bit like for personal development gurus, where the content does not really change but the delivery differs and evolves. Or the music industry DJs and samplers, with re-edit of existing songs or mixture of it with auto-tune ‘singers’, except now you can even replace the artist. You just need the idea, the AI executes for you. And even then the border is getting thinner and thinner.