Why young bankers, lawyers, and consultants need emotional intelligence

Original by J. Rundle, Harvard business review, 2016, 5 pagesHamster_gagarin_linkedin
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The critical distinguishing factor for advancing in the professional services is emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Without EQ it is likely that you will be your firm’s best-kept secret
  • EQ is the ability to monitor your own and others people’s emotions
  • According to a 2013 study by American express, EQ is one of the biggest predictors of performance in the workplace and a strong driver for leadership and personal excellence
  • It is practice through listening, remaining calm and resilient in the face of problems, valuing and helping colleagues and connecting and emphasizing with clients
  • Performance reviews emphasis firm and team contribution farther than individual performance
  • Focus on listening. listen to understand issues, ask questions, don’t listen to respond
  • Networking is key to identifying new opportunities and advancing your career and requires EQ
  • EQ as a core skill matters more than ever because work has changed in ways that favor emotional competence and soft skills