Onedrive adoption/migration

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  • By 2020, 50% of all companies will be using a collaborative tool
  • Help users engage and discover the power of onedrive
  • On average only 34% of users are willing to adopt a new rolled out system
  • Articulate the need for change
    • Start communication early
    • Use targeted mix of communication channels
    • Inform but do not overwhelm
    • Understand the change curve
  • Give a clear vision
    • What does success look like
    • How is it helping, what is in for them
  • Give employees tools and capacities to change via trainings
  • Have an action plan (what/who/when/communication)
  • Do not overfocus on the technology
  • Talk about how you solve users problems (ex: file restore up to 30 days)
  • Have local champions to drive change
  • Use TIPS campaign from microsoft office 365 learning pathways: